One day in August 2000, I was reading an article in the Two River Times, our local newspaper, a portion of which I have included below. “Have you felt this before? That time in your life when something miraculous haYppens? The event fills you with joy, hope and overwhelming happiness.   Read More..



Usually when people tell me of a spiritual experience, they’ll start by saying, “I don’t have the words to describe this to you,” or “You’re going to think I’m crazy when I tell you this, but…” And then they tell me what happened to them. Read More....


Spiritual Psychology is based on the work of William James (1842-1910), Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), and Abraham Maslow (1908-1970). These men began with religious experience, grew to Analytical Psychology, which encompasses the soul of each person, and then continued to attempt to fulfill one’s own unique potential. Read More...


SANE HALLUCINATIONS Mental health professionals need to know about the term Sane Hallucinations used in the 1880’s by colleagues of William James, sometimes called the Father of American Psychology. Unfortunately, America followed Sigmund Freud instead of Wm. . Read More


“A SHEET OF PLEXIGLAS CAME DOWN IN FRONT OF ME Only it wasn’t a sheet of Plexiglas.” My very first client to tell me about a spiritual experience came to my office in the form of a 29 year-old man who had just left a meaningful relationship. He wanted my help in understanding why this relationship had failed. He was VERY nervous. Most first-time clients are nervous but his fear level was extremely high. Read More...



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