Spritual Psychology


Spiritual Psychology is based on the work of William James (1842-1910), Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), and Abraham Maslow (1908-1970). These men began with religious experience, grew to Analytical Psychology, which encompasses the soul of each person, and then continued to attempt to fulfill one’s own unique potential. For discussion, please click on http://youtu.be/FX9BV3pn7MU.


Spiritual Experiences are unique and may sometimes seem “weird” experiences that 30-50% of the populations in the United States and England have had. They are states of insight into the depths of truths or knowing that go beyond one’s intellect. People usually have a difficult time giving an account in words and will begin telling you of such an experience by stating, “You’re going to think I’m crazy when I tell you this and I don’t have the words to explain it to you but…”.These experiences may come gradually or may occur abruptly and are many time triggered by a person being in crisis and calling out for help whether or not they believe in a God or a Higher Power.


The two most common types are mystical experience or near-death experience (NDE).Another type of spiritual crisis is a person in chronic grief or someone who is searching for more meaning or for the meaning or soul purpose of their life.