FREE- Paranormal and Spiritual Experiences in the US. Sunday, January 21, 2018 2:00 – 4:00

The event will be held at Monmouth County Library – Eastern Branch – Shrewsbury, NJ.

1001 Route 35 Shrewsbury, NJ 07702-4398

(866) 941-8188

or email

66% of widows experience apparitions of their departed husbands within the first year of death.

75% of parents who lose a child have this experience also during the first year of their loss. Many are afraid to tell about this for fear of mental instability.

A presentation on Near-Death Experiences will be given from the work of Dr. R. Moody and PMH Atwater. The main differences between a spiritual experience (SE) and a psychotic hallucination will be taught. After the educational presentation, attendees will ask questions and discuss their personal experiences.

Rev. Karen E. Herrick, PhD, has shared her clinical experience for 30 years from a Jungian perspective. She was ordained in the Interfaith Ministry in 1995. This ministry is to be actively involved in Spiritual Psychology, specifically in naming SEs and working with chronic grief. It is important to note that 40-50% of people in the United States are having these types of experiences that people are afraid to mention.

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