Understanding Near Death Experiences Workshop

Coming May 29th - Understanding Near Death Experiences by Dr. Karen Herrick - Through the Earth Spirit New Age Center -

The movie Heaven is for Real was released in April, 2014. This is about a four-year old boy who experiences an NDE. He goes to heaven and then decides to return because “His Daddy would be very, very sad if he didn’t come back.” This NDE will appeal to Christians who normally do not believe in NDEs and who know very little about them. In 2008, Eben Alexander, a Harvard trained neuro-surgeon, had a NDE when he was brain dead and in a coma having almost died. He had previously believed that chemicals in the brain were responsible for the white light and other experiences people had until he died, went to heaven and now he has proof!

This workshop will aide in your understanding of NDEs and other spiritual phenomena.

Date –Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Time – 7:30 PM

Cost – $25

Location – Earth Spirit New Age Center Please pre-register a space is limited. Call – (732) 842-3855


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