Basically the differences between someone who is having a spiritual experience and someone who is mentally ill are as follows:· A mystic, someone who has experienced God, is humbled by the experience. This person can tell you about their experience over and over again. The story won’t change much as they tell you. This is called having a good ego and inner strength to explain the experience. The person has/had a “life” before the experience, which in psychological terms is called “good pre-episode functioning”. Mostly in telling you about spiritual experiences, the person describes something visual. (They can hear also but the preponderance of what my clients have described have been visual experiences). The spiritual experience usually gives an answer to the person having it and they are humbled by the experience.  A mentally ill person having a hallucination cannot tell you the same story over and over again. A mentally ill person usually acts in a grandiose manner. 

Have you had a Spiritual Experience?

Examples are:









Feeling or Seeing the Presence

of a transcendent being that goes beyond a specific religious affiliation.


Feeling or Seeing the Presence 

of a dead loved one.


Having a Near Death Experience


Remembering Past Lives


An Awakening of Extrasensory Perception


Having a Synchronistic Experience


The Awakening of "Kundalini"

(Kundalini-the awakening of the serpant power as described in historical Indian literature as a form of creative cosmic energy that resides in latent form at the base of the human spine).


Experiencing Negative Spirits


A Shamanic Crisis 

(A transformative crisis bearing close resemblence to the inititory crisis of shaman healers and spiritual teachers of many cultures).



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