A Sheet of Plexi Glass Came Down on Me

“A SHEET OF PLEXIGLAS CAME DOWN IN FRONT OF ME Only it wasn’t a sheet of Plexiglas.” My very first client to tell me about a spiritual experience came to my office in the form of a 29 year-old man who had just left a meaningful relationship. He wanted my help in understanding why this relationship had failed. He was VERY nervous. Most first-time clients are nervous but his fear level was extremely high.


I asked him all types of questions to try to discover why he was so afraid but to no avail. When he returned for his second session, I put down my pad and told him, “You have as much fear today as you had during our first session. I feel there is something you are afraid to tell me; and, if this is so, I need you to explain it to me now.” He stated something had happened to him but his priest had told him never to tell anyone. He had been instructed to just “forget it.” I asked, “Can you forget it?” “No, he said.” I replied “Well, I hear a lot of very strange stories so I’d like to hear this one.”


He began by again stating that he lived with his parents and his father was an alcoholic. His father had never physically abused him in any way; however, they would fight verbally sometimes when his father had been drinking. One evening he came home and his father was in the kitchen and had been drinking. An argument ensued and his father picked up a carving knife from the table and threw it at his son. My new client stated, “When I tell you this you’re going to think I’m crazy, but something like a sheet of Plexiglas, but it wasn’t Plexiglas, came down in front of me and the knife bounced off of it.” I told him that I was qualified to decide whether he was crazy or not and that he wasn’t. I said that he had had a spiritual experience. I also said that it was obvious that his priest never had. But that the priest was trying to protect him from some people in society who would label this as a “crazy” story.


I said I would give him some information about spiritual experiences. He hadn’t come to me to learn about these and so I stated that someday when he was older he might want to look into the information about them. I suggested that he not talk to just anyone about these experiences but when he felt safe with some people he might meet in the future who had also had something “weird” (as they are explained in our society) happen to them that he could then share his story. I also told him that we could not count on this sheet of Plexiglas coming down again to protect him so I suggested he not fight with his father anymore when he was drinking. He was to ignore him and leave the room, which he agreed to do.


In my PhD research there were verbatim responses from eighteen attendees who had checked the box “Other types of spiritual experiences I and/or my clients have had.” One answer said, “Car hurled toward me out of control and I felt an invisible barrier. The car seemed to bounce off this barrier and then right itself.” When I spoke to this person during my telephone follow-up interview, I asked her about this experience. She said “Yes, it felt like a sheet of Plexiglas just came out of nowhere and stopped my car from going down the mountain.”