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Psychology of the Soul and the Paranormal


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Standard modern psychology used as the basis of conventional psychotherapy leaves out important, perhaps even essential, aspects of human consciousness.  In Psychology of the Soul and the Paranormal, Rev. Karen E. Herrick, PhD shares what she has learned over many years in a journey involving both clinical practice and personal struggles.  Her primary audience is the 40-50% of the people in the United States and Great Britain who have had at least one type of spiritual experience and who want to know how this might have happened.  Other therapists and people who may be trying to understand and relate to people influenced by paranormal or spiritual events will also be educated. The book will also be of interest to anyone who is interested in dealing with the deeper levels of consciousness in daily life.


In exploring the meaning and consequences of extraordinary states of consciousness, Rev. Herrick takes a broad overview. She describes various kinds of paranormal experiences that have been widely reported and appear to be fairly common, although still bearing a stigma in some circles because of supposedly being “weird.” These phenomena include those that have been the subject of psychical research for well over a century, whose existence is reasonably established despite materialistic scoffing.  Psychological theorists who have studied these happenings are discussed and several varieties of psychic perception, such as the relatively common one of intuition, are explained. The text is enhanced by an illustration of the bodily channels of psychic energy we all possess.


Particularly striking are communications from the spirits of those who have passed from earthly life, whose thoughts are transmitted via living people with the unusual ability known as mediumship. Convincing demonstrations of contact by “dead” relatives and friends open up a whole new dimension, which aids in chronic grief.   Recipients who are unprepared for such revelations may need guidance to incorporate them into their lives. They will find the book’s discussion of mediumship helpful in this regard.


To provide a context for spiritual and paranormal experience, Rev. Herrick describes their physiological and trans-physiological basis. The former includes the nervous system and particularly the vagus nerve. The latter comprises psychic centers known as chakras and each person’s etheric body that enables travel out of the physical body and post-mortem survival.


As a counterpoint to the book’s conceptual side, Rev. Herrick includes autobiographical accounts of her personal development under trying conditions in her early life, such as living in households with an alcoholic father and husband. How she went from trying to cope with such stresses to transcending them, partly through paranormal means, rounds out this in-depth study that readers can take to heart.   




The book is available on and Kindle. Herrick’s chapter “Understanding After life and Angel Contacts,” encapsulates her private practice work and research she completed on her thesis entitled, Naming Spiritual Experiences. Of the 133 mental health professionals she researched, 75% stated that they believed further education about spiritual experiences, near-death experiences (NDEs) and/or after-life experiences would be beneficial to them personally and professionally. She describes the differences between someone who is having a spiritual experience and someone who is mentally ill. She calls for the profession of psychology to again use the 1880’s term "Sane Hallucinations" created by colleagues of W. James sometimes called the Father of American Psychology.

Reviews of “Grandma, What is A Soul?”  Order the book from Amazon “A well-executed picture book dealing one path the soul could take.”  - Kirkus Reviews “How wonderful for a child to grow up with the knowledge that love never dies and our loved ones in the spirit world can offer us help and support.” – Victor Zammit, PhD Coauthor of A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife.  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for access to all my videos and presentations



"You're Not Finished Yet" Click Here to Order- Author Karen Herrick, a practicing clinical therapist in Red Bank, NJ, explains that she learned through Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology that psychological problems must be understood "as the suffering of the soul that has not yet discovered its meaning, and that healing depends on a deep experience of spirit." She relates how her own problems growing up in a dysfunctional family and then with two failed marriages motivated her to specialize in dysfunctional families, alcoholism, sexual abuse, eating disorders, grief, dissociation and spirituality issues. Much of the book deals with alcoholism - its causes, its effects on family members, and its stages of recovery, the final stage being the genesis stage, a spiritual stage, in which one learns to transcend past traumas.  Herrick tells of her own spiritual awakening that resulted from a mystical experience. "What is so wonderful about becoming spiritual and working in the therapy field is being able to be truthful," she writes. "When you take a step back and watch the way most conversations work, it is the honest conversations that are truly the spiritual ones. When you find people with whom you can truly be honest and they are truly there with you in this honesty, you've found a spiritual paycheck."—Michael E. Tymn, Editor of The Searchlight, Published by the ASPSI